What the Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies Have to Offer

As more and more Americans age, the growing need for expanded healthcare options is desperately needed. Thankfully, companies providing solutions for elderly health monitoring have evolved and expanded their offerings. In addition to providing emergency medical care for patients with an acute condition or injury that needs immediate treatment through PERS, the nation’s remote patient monitoring companies focus on remote monitoring for preventive healthcare and condition management. 

Remote Patient Monitoring Patient Benefits

Remote patient monitoring is particularly potent when it comes to senior care; It allows older patients to maintain their independence while staying connected to their care team. Additional benefits of the remote patient monitoring relationship for patients include:

  • Improved health outcomes—Remote monitoring encourages self-care by increasing patient buy-in, accountability, and care plan compliance, all of which have been proven to have a positive impact on both patients’ physical condition and mental state.
  • It lowers risk and increases access to care—Remote patient monitoring reduces in-person medical visits; contact with other patients; emergency room visits; time spent in the hospital; readmissions after hospitalizations; and exposure to pathogens and airborne viruses. At the same time, it improves access to care and provides a path for streamlined chronic care management.
  • Cost savings—Patients can save money on unnecessary emergency services and medical bills by keeping up.
  • State-of-the-art technology—Because the nation’s remote patient monitoring companies incorporate the latest technological advancements, they offer patients the most up-to-date capabilities. And as technology continues to advance, advancements are further incorporated.
  • Easy to use—Technologically advanced doesn’t mean difficult to operate. In fact, the advanced technology in Anelto’s remote patient monitoring products use makes them easier to operate. Features like voice-centric communication improve engagement, help simplify treatment plans, and improve compliance.
  • Care team access. Companies like Anelto provide customer care based on the provider’s requirements, whether you use your office staff or one of Anelto’s clinical care partners.
  • Insurance coverage. Anelto’s program is usually covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and most commercial carriers when prescribed by a provider.

Remote Patient Monitoring Provider Benefits

These patient-focused benefits also provide measurable advantages to providers and medical practices. Remote patient monitoring reduces operational costs, providing a strong return on investment while making healthcare more efficient. This reduces the stress on providers, practices, Accountable Care Organizations, and the healthcare system as a whole. Improved patient care also means improved satisfaction, which can positively impact a practice’s reputation and bottom line.

Additional benefits for providers include:

  • Because it emphasizes self-care, it shifts some of the burdens away from providers and medical practices and helps prioritize high-need patients
  • Since Anelto’s program collects patient data on the ConnectedCare Clinical Dashboard, this helps care teams recognize health trends and prioritize care.
  • Reduced costs—There is tremendous potential for generating savings at the practice level by preventing more severe and costly health outcomes before they begin.

Remote Patient Monitoring Statistics

  • 95 million: That’s the number of Americans age 65+ we’re expected to see by the year 2060. In 2018, that number was 52 million.
  • 29 million: The number of remote patient monitoring users in 2020
  • 45 million: The number of remote patient monitoring users in 2022
  • 70 million: The number of telehealth users predicted by 2025

In addition, a KLAS Research report about remote patient monitoring programs found that 38% of participating healthcare organizations noted reduced hospital admissions, and 17% reported cost savings.

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Finding the Best Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

There are many new and well-established remote patient monitoring companies today. When you’re considering these services, here are a few things to look for.

Does the product meet your patients’ needs?

  • Is it specific to one chronic condition, like diabetes, or does it offer flexibility for multiple purposes and conditions?
  • Is it invasive? Some wearables need to be implanted.
  • Does the size of the product make it practical?
  • Is it easy to start and use?
  • Is it reliable? Look for a device that works on cellular communication, not Wi-Fi. That way, it’ll work even if the Internet goes down. You’ll also want to ensure it has a sufficient battery backup in case of an emergency.

Does the company offer the services you need?

  • Do your patients have customized clinical care team access?
  • Flexibility – Can you use your company’s clinical staff or one of the remote patient monitoring company’s clinical care partners?
  • Do patients who are enrolled in the remote patient monitoring program have direct access to care staff?
  • How are protocols established?
  • What happens when medical intervention or escalations are indicated?
  • Is the program covered by insurance? Anelto’s remote patient monitoring program is covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and most commercial carriers when prescribed by a provider.

About Anelto

Remote patient monitoring has been utilized for more than two decades, and as this industry continues to grow and evolve, Anelto is ready. One of the nation’s leading remote patient monitoring companies, Anelto is on the leading edge of remote patient monitoring and is constantly working to redefine what’s possible.

Our goal is to help seniors thrive by creating better resources for physicians to connect and communicate with their patients. Anelto wraps a clinical care team around your patients. Whether you use your clinical staff or one of Anelto’s clinical care partners, your patients can rely on us for care whenever they need it.

Clinical Staff Remote Patient Monitoring Services

  • Monitoring vital signs daily
  • Patient support and regular monitoring of signs and symptoms
  • Scheduling health maintenance appointments such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and yearly Medicare exams
  • Refilling maintenance medications such as blood pressure medicine if approved in the protocol
  • Providing patient education on condition(s) they are being treated for or are at risk of developing, as well as other health tips such as the importance of dental care
  • Providing screenings for depression, fall risk, and many other important medical and behavioral health screenings

Anelto’s  Remote Patient Monitoring Programs:


  • Easy to use by seniors
  • Enhanced video for senior and provider
  • Cellular – No Wi-Fi needed
  • Conversational AI audio and on-screen
  • Vital sign devices are paired before shipping


  • Easy to use for seniors
  • Enhanced audio capability
  • Cellular – no Wi-Fi needed
  • Voice-centric conversational AI
  • Vital sign devices are paired before shipping

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