Our Remote Patient Monitoring & Personal Safety Services

Anelto is committed to offering remote patient monitoring and personal safety services that help seniors thrive. We know that our physicians and healthcare systems want their senior patients to stay in their homes, maintain independence, and receive the healthcare services they need when they need them. To help you achieve these goals, we partner with a number of subject matter specialists, healthcare industry leaders, and technology innovators. We are truly committed to raising expectations for what is possible when the right technologies and teams come together to deliver integrated healthcare systems.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Anelto has redefined remote patient monitoring for healthcare providers, ensuring easy patient setup and allowing seniors to actively engage in their care from the comfort of home. Anelto Remote Care enables care teams to proactively monitor patients and intervene in a timely manner while reducing operational costs, while patients stay healthier and more compliant with medication management and home treatments. The time to get started with remote patient monitoring is now. Anelto helps you provide timely and expanded healthcare solutions that reduce patient readmissions, improve patient outcomes, and generate additional reimbursements.


Personal Safety

With Anelto, personal safety is so much more than giving your patients access someone who will respond to a call for help. Don’t get us wrong, we offer state-of-the-art fall detection and emergency response solutions, but we have also created personal safety solutions that allow caregivers to track the location of seniors, monitor activity, send and receive messages, and even review patient medications and health history when responding to a call. While Anelto is committed to helping seniors thrive, our personal safety devices and systems are also beneficial for anyone who has health or security risks, including patients of any age with chronic illnesses who are living independently or employees who are frequently on-site alone (hotel managers, security guards, etc.). These versatile solutions can help make anyone feel a little more secure knowing someone is there to help.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re a caregiver, healthcare systems manager, or other provider in need of a cutting edge RPM and personal safety systems for your patients, we hope you’ll consider partnering with Anelto. We are truly passionate about improving communication between patients and their healthcare providers by creating the leading RPM and personal safety solutions to help medical teams stay in touch with seniors, so they can maintain healthier lifestyles and stay in their homes longer. If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for to help your clients, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team to schedule a presentation.