Advisory Board

Dr. Steven Martz

Dr. Steven Martz is a pioneer in the retail healthcare market. He was the owner and founder of Legacy ER and Urgent Care, which brings healthcare to underserved markets. He served as the Chief Medical Officer for nine freestanding ER’s that are now part of Intuitive Health.

Chris Durovich

A leader in the field of healthcare management, Chris Durovich is the Board Chair of the Texas Hospital Association, and he has served as the President and CEO of Children’s Health since 2003. He has also worked in leadership roles in numerous healthcare systems, including The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Baylor College of Medicine, and The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. His experience in healthcare systems management is invaluable to our team.

Osmo Hautanen

A leader in the technology and communications sector, Osmo Hautanen shares his more than 35 years of experience with Anelto to help us stay at the forefront of the rapidly growing technology and communication systems that drive our services. He has worked with Nokia’s personal communications handset group and has worked as president of Philips’ consumer communications group.

Peter Giacolone

After more than four decades of experience in the area of electronic security, Peter Giacalone helps the Anelto team ensure that our products and technologies meet or exceed the privacy and security standards for HIPAA and other healthcare industry compliance. He built one of the largest contract monitoring centers in the United States, and his knowledge is indispensable.


An entrepreneur first and foremost, John has extensive post-acute business experience and has founded and sold various post-acute corporations with a focus on the aging population. Currently, John works as a Managing Partner at TXV Partners, a venture capital firm with offices in Austin and San Francisco with investment focus in eldercare, healthcare technology, silver tech, and consumer health, fitness, and wellness.