Easy to Use & Flexible Personal Safety Systems

When Anelto started offering Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions to help healthcare providers keep seniors in their homes and thriving, it’s no surprise that many of our clients asked about a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Helping to keep your patients safe and ensuring they have access to emergency medical care is an important part of our mission. For this reason, it makes perfect sense for us to offer PERS solutions for our healthcare providers. Outfitting your patients with PERS devices is a great way to maximize the efficacy of your RPM solution to keep seniors healthy, safe, and independent.

Our Personal Emergency Response System

Like our RPM solutions, the Anelto team has gone the extra mile to offer PERS solutions that push beyond the expected to deliver better options for our clients and their patients. Anelto’s PERS solutions offer:

  • Leading Technology with GPS & Wi-Fi location Services
  • Great return on investment
  • Many national monitoring partners
  • Sales and portal training
  • Co-branded marketing materials designed for you

Who Should Consider a PERS Solution from Anelto?

While most people think of fall alerts when they hear personal safety device, Anelto’s lightweight, technology forward PERS and mobilePERS (mPERS) systems are good options to improve personal safety and security in a variety of situations, including:

  • Independent seniors, especially those with special care needs
  • Chronic care management
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Lone workers (hotel employees, realtors, restaurants, convenience stores)
  • Students on college campuses

Preferred Monitoring Centers


Our Line of PERS & mPERS Solutions

Our line of PERS & mPERS solutions, including help buttons, activity monitors, and home hubs, offer industry leading technology. From our ultra light mPERS devices with built-in fall detect to our home hub system with dynamic Anelto Voice templates, we have a PERS solution that will fit your market. Today’s PERS systems can do so much more than get your patients help during falls. They make great tools to improve patient engagement by tracking activity, increasing safety for those who may be alone for long periods, and track inglocation when an individual needs to be found.

Our PERS and mPERS solutions work with all major Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified call centers, and they can be integrated with uber, AccuWeather, and messaging apps. Explore our product options below:

On The Go Lite Plus 4G/Wi-fi

  • 2-way Voice communications
  • 4G GPS and Wi-fi Location services
  • Caregiver smartphone app
  • 4-day battery life
  • Charging cradle
  • Fall Detection
  • Water Resistant
  • Certified on the AT&T network

On the Go Elite 4G

  • Assisted GPS with built in Wi-Fi
  • 72 Hour Battery Life
  • 2-Way Message Button
  • Ability to assign wearables
  • Clear LED Indicators
  • Upgraded Mic and Speaker

Fall Detection/PERS

  • Integrated Fall Detection
  • Mobile Personal Emergency Response

Home Assure

  • Latest 4G cellular only
  • Unique down facing speaker
  • 3-day battery back up
  • Works with all Anelto Wearable’s (Bracelet, Pendant, and Fall)
  • Integrated Message button
  • Works with Remotecare247 App


  • Lets caregiver monitor locations
  • See Power status of device
  • Send Voice messages to the unit
  • See comprehensive list of Allergies, Medications, Doctors, and directives

Here to Help When You Need Us

Anelto offers a complete PERS solution for any healthcare environment. Through every step of the process from our initial sales call through installation and maintenance of our products, Anelto is with you. Our seamless onboarding process takes the stress off your shoulders, so you can invest your time where it matters most – supporting your patients.