Dealer Program - PERS

Anelto is looking for companies to add to our PERS Dealer program. Honesty and ethics are a must. Once your company is vetted, and terms have been established, it’s go time! With our partnership in place, Anelto will assist you in the following areas:

  • Group 454 (1)
    Training on Equipment
  • Group 454 (1)
    Training on Dealer Portal
  • Group 454 (1)
    Training on Remotecare247 app
  • Group 454 (1)
    Sales Training
  • Group 454 (1)
    Market research analysis to assist your sales team
  • Group 454 (1)
    Market research analysis to assist your sales team
  • Group 454 (1)
    Continued Sales and Tech support as needed

Dealer Contact

Anelto Inc.
6270 Morningstar Dr.
The Colony, TX 75056

Office: (972) 939-9200


Can I manage all my accounts in one place?

Yes, Anelto has designed a Dealer portal so that you can manage all your accounts.

Can I add Fall protection to someone at any time?

Yes, With a click of a button on the Dealer Portal you can add fall Protection. Please remember there is an added fee for monitoring that feature.

My Customer lost their OTG lite. Can I help them find it?

Yes, You can ping the location of the unit from the portal and tell the customer where its location is.

Does the GPS work inside a building?

No, GPS is a satalite based system that will drop a pin at the last location it registered. We now offer GPS plus WIFI that will do both. the GPS for outdoor communication and WIFI when your inside for a more accurate location.

Can I have more than one caregiver on the app?

Yes, If you need to give the app to more than one caregiver, please do so. you may need to give it to a family member for after hour care.

Does the OTG Lite work anywhere in the USA?

No, We are the first Mobile PERS product certified on the AT&T network. So you would need to have a AT&T cell signal.