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Delivering better patient outcomes with RPM while generating physician revenue and increasing shared savings


Anelto RPM helps drive shared savings for value-based care organizations while improving quality scores and centers around the value-based care Quadruple Aim

The Top 15% of Patients Have the Highest Healthcare Costs


Anelto RPM helps keep costs down for your seniors and most chronically ill patients.

Anelto RPM is Good for Patients

  • Group 454 (1)
    Increases access to care that results in better patient outcomes
  • Group 454 (1)
    Boosts patient engagement
  • Group 454 (1)
    Improves medication management
  • Group 454 (1)
    Gives peace of mind and daily assurance
  • Group 454 (1)
    Allows the ability to Age in Place
  • Group 454 (1)
    Costs nothing to patient

Anelto RPM is Good for Providers and ACO’s

  • Group 454 (1)
    Shifts to preventive and preemptive care instead of episodic
  • Group 454 (1)
    Reduces ER frequent flyer visits
  • Group 454 (1)
    Decreases hospital admissions
  • Group 454 (1)
    Optimizes workflow capacities through care team protocols
  • Group 454 (1)
    Decreases costs of care

Cost Savings for Your Organization with Anelto RPM

Proactively monitoring and managing your senior and chronic care patients with Anelto RPM saves your organization money. 


What type of patient qualifies for remote patient monitoring?

Patients who have one diagnosis that would be better supported with monitoring and care management.

Patients that are acute or chronic qualify

What are the top disease states that are seen in RPM?

RPM can be used for any acute or chronic diagnosis, but the top disease states are as follows: Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Kidney disease, Covid, Hypertension or any other heart disease other wise specified.

Some of the acute conditions are as follows: Covid, S/P surgery, Pneumonia, Cancer, and chemotherapy monitoring etc.

How do my patients get offered the RPM program and get enrolled?

Our Care Management partners provide screening and enrollment services for RPM. Provider offices are provided RPM literature for discussing with the patient if indicated.



  • Easy to Use by Senior
  • Enhanced Video for Senior and Provider
  • Cellular – No Wi-Fi Needed
  • Conversational AI audio and on-screen
  • Vital Sign Devices are Paired Prior to Shipping


  • Easy to Use by Senior
  • Enhanced Audio Capability
  • Cellular – No Wi-Fi Needed
  • Voice Centric Conversational AI
  • Vital Sign Devices are Paired Prior to Shipping