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Tina Null Talks with Electronic Caregiver’s CEO Anthony Dohrmann in Episode 15

✨ In episode 15 of Bringing Virtual Care Home host Tina Null is joined by Anthony Dohrmann, CEO of Electronic Caregiver to talk about how technology changes value based care. Listen to the...
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Episode 14 – Tina Null Talks with Ian Koons from Karoo Health

✨ This week on Bringing Virtual Care Home we bring you a great conversation with Ian Koons, Co-Founder & CEO at Karoo Health about exploring the hybrid care model. Listen to the full...
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Episode 13 – Tina Null Talks with Dr. Renee Dua

Episode #13 of Bringing Virtual Care Home covers creating the “Best Friend” that helps chronic disease patients achieve better health, featuring Dr. Renee Dua, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Renee....
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Why Are RPM Solutions for Hospitals Essential?

What are RPM Solutions? According to an article on HealthIT.Gov, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is “the use of connected electronic tools to record personal health and medical data in one...
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Episode #12 Tina Null Talks with Patty Post, Founder & CEO of Checkable Health

🤝 Care-at-home is an important development for the future of efficiency and cost-savings in healthcare. Listen to episode #12 featuring Patty Post, Founder & CEO at Checkable Health to hear how Checkable is...
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Episode #11 Tina Null interviews Katya Siddall-Copolla from Hopper Health

In episode #11 of Bringing Virtual Care Home we welcome on Katya Siddall-Cipolla, Founder & CEO at Hopper Health Listen to the full episode to discover: 📚 An overview of Siddall-Cipolla’s background...
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Episode #10 Physician Enablement and Changing Healthcare

Episode #10 of Bringing Virtual Care Home is here! This week, we welcomed on D. Keith Fernandez, Chief Clinical Officer at Privia Health to talk about physician enablement & changing healthcare. Listen to...
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Podcast Episode #9 Focuses on Telehealth and Its Role in Maternal Health

Episode #9 is here! Listen in as host Tina Null welcomes guests Alison Greenberg, CEO & Co-Founder at Ruth Health (YC S21), and Tina Beilinson, CEO & Co-Founder at Seven Starling to talk about Telehealth's role in...
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Episode #8 Tina Null Talks With Rashmi Joshi, CEO & Founder at Asha AI

In the latest episode of Bringing Virtual Care Home we welcome on Rashmi Joshi, CEO & Founder at Asha AI to talk about how preventative care can help keep loved ones at home...
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Episode 7 Tina Null Talks With TimelyMD’s Dr. Bob Booth

📚 In Episode #7, we welcome on Bob Booth, Chief Care Officer at TimelyMD to discuss TimelyMD's mission to provide the seamless integration of virtual care onto college campuses. Listen to the full...
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Anelto CCO Tina Null Comment in Healthcare IT Today

Anelto's Chief Clinical Officer, Tina Null, provides her opinion on costs in Healthcare IT Today's article. Read more here: #healthcare #remotepatientmonitoring #telehealthservices #telehealthcare #telehealth
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Getting Personal & Profitable With Emergency Response

Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems are expanding opportunities beyond the historical PERS market. See how the mPERS lone worker use case can grow your RMR. In the November Security Sales &...