Physicians And Group Practices

Complete Custom Solution for Physicians and Group Practices

The Anelto Remote Patient Monitoring System allows you to customize patient care your way. Simple provider-specific clinical pathways and the ability to modify your RPM program based on patient or population parameters gives providers the flexibility to use RPM efficiently. 


The Anelto system solves this problem. It is plug and play, right out of the box with one touch functionality.

Anelto RPM is Good for Your Patients

  • Group 454 (1)
    Improves patient engagement
  • Group 454 (1)
    Increases access to care that results in better patient outcomes
  • Group 454 (1)
    Reduces risk of exposure to other illnesses
  • Group 454 (1)
    Gives peace of mind and daily assurance
  • Group 454 (1)
    Improves medication management and adherence
  • Group 454 (1)
    Increases patient satisfaction
  • Group 454 (1)
    Allows patients the ability to age in place

Anelto RPM is Good for your Practice

  • Group 454 (1)
    Monitor patients and shift from episodic to preemptive care
  • Group 454 (1)
    Increases patient access to comprehensive care options
  • Group 454 (1)
    Intervenes in a timely manner to avoid more serious health concerns
  • Group 454 (1)
    Limits potential health risks for patients and improves treatment compliance
  • Group 454 (1)
    Increases work capacity without diminishing quality of care or adding additional time
  • Group 454 (1)
    Zero upfront capital investment
  • Group 454 (1)
    Adds revenue stream through RPM Medicare insurance reimbursements
Female physician with stethescope holding a senior couple's hands

Add an Additional Revenue Stream Through RPM Reimbursement

Proactively monitor and manage your senior and chronic care patients remotely while enhancing practice revenue

Reimbursement Assumptions
*Number of patients
Reimbursement % Billable Monthly Annual
Vital signs being monitored 1
Months patients monitored 12
One-time setup & training (99453) $21 100% $0
Hardware reimbursement (99454) $69 90% $0 $0
Clinical reimbursement 1 (99457) $54 90% $0 $0
Clinical reimbursement 2 (99458) $43 40% $0 $0
Total reimbursement $0 $0
Cost assumptions
One time Service Initiation $25
Monthly cost per patient $40
24/7 Care Management Call Center $30
Total cost Annually per patient $0
Total Cost ($0 x 0 patients) $0
Total Net Revenue $0

Anelto offers options for integration with Anelto’s Application Programming Interface (API) to access our complete range of RPM applications. Take a look at the Anelto ConnectedCare Clinical Platform.


Patients who have one diagnosis that would be better supported with monitoring and care management.

Patients that are acute or chronic qualify



  • Easy to Use by Senior
  • Enhanced Video for Senior and Provider
  • Cellular – No Wi-Fi Needed
  • Conversational AI audio and on-screen
  • Vital Sign Devices are Paired Prior to Shipping


  • Easy to Use by Senior
  • Enhanced Audio Capability
  • Cellular – No Wi-Fi Needed
  • Voice Centric Conversational AI
  • Vital Sign Devices are Paired Prior to Shipping