Anelto Location Services White Paper


Anelto offers the combination of the best-assisted GPS and Wi-Fi indoor location in the PERS industry. Our team has decades of experience designing and deploying solutions that offer location and wireless capabilities.


Anelto is in a unique position as a location technology provider. Our pedigree is long and extensive as it relates to the wireless data market. The core team comes from an engineering and solutions-based lineage where we have been designing and deploying solutions for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience which has added to our ability to provide compelling solutions that involve location and wireless capabilities.


As we evolved into the mPERS market, our experience has offered us a unique opportunity to integrate various solutions that address the needs of the industry with some of the most reliable and feature-rich mPERS solutions available today. Since Anelto owns and develops all aspects of the solution (devices, cloud services, etc…) we are able to quickly adapt to technology as it evolves and are not constrained by changes and advances in the markets that affect capabilities and solutions. As such, the Anelto product line incorporates the best of breed, and oftentimes, a combination of multiple technologies that provide enhanced functionality.


One of the most beneficial results is the incorporation of multiple location technologies that provide the fastest and most accurate location capabilities in the industry. Anelto incorporates cellular, WiFi and aGPS (Assisted GPS) location solutions that, in combination, enable devices to efficiently manage battery power while also being available to provide emergency location information when needed.


The cellular network is used to provide general location information based on the combined triangulation of cellular towers and signal strength of the embedded cellular radio. This is used behind the scenes to provide quick and useful information in specific scenarios. As an example, we are able to quickly determine if a device is at a user’s home location and report immediately, often times before the mobile voice call is connected to an emergency operator. An additional benefit of network location is in the ability to also quickly determine if a portable device is a significant distance away from the subscriber address (vacation, extended visit) which can, and sometimes does, result in an emergency dispatch that results in an empty residence where the door is broken down to gain access as a default response when the emergency protocol is followed.


Most location-enabled devices incorporate traditional GPS technology. Anelto utilizes an enhanced version of GPS known as Assisted GPS. What this technology provides is the accelerated capability to quickly attain an accurate GPS satellite location. This is a technical decision that is unique to devices that incorporate additional technologies like cellular and WiFi location. The result is very fast and accurate location capability in a battery-powered device that potentially spends most of the time in a low-power state but needs to provide an accurate location in a short period of time when a call is activated in an emergency situation.


One last feature that leverages the latest in location technologies is the use of WiFi for location services. With the proliferation and availability of WiFi on a large scale, many technology providers, like Google, have built a very large and extensive WiFi access point database that cross-references location and signal information to determine location. With Google’s focus on providing the best mapping and location services, they have combined their mapping service with the compilation of WiFi access points. Through their strategic relationships with Starbucks and other retail locations along with their street view mapping vehicles, they can accurately amass a very detailed database of locations and map information that is tightly coupled. The Anelto remote patient monitoring solutions have deeply incorporated this technology in combination with our cloud services to provide this capability. The Anelto devices are smart and cache data in the background so that when events occur, data is immediately available to provide the fastest and most accurate information available. Contact Anelto for a free demo today.