Anelto Remote Patient Monitoring White Paper

Remote Patient Monitoring White Paper: The Useless and Economics

This remote patient monitoring white paper introduces Anelto Health’s Solution to comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring. Anelto has a complete RPM Platform that can be added to our CCM partners’ offerings in less than 30 days with no upfront costs.

Ease of Implementation for RPM

Anelto Health’s RPM Platform is important to the current market offerings because it was built from the ground up with Seniors and Healthcare in mind. It is
the easiest system for seniors to set up and use with no worries about poor WiFi, loss of power, or someone hacking their information.

Meanwhile, it is also the easiest system for companies to integrate, onboard, and implement without the issues of capital investment. It is the most economical for creating real revenue from Chronic Care Management (CCM) + RPM and Transitional Care Management (TCM) +RPM because of the “no upfront cost for deployment, use of the hardware and its unique 2-way communication hub which creates real value to the patient and to you by increasing your billable CCM minutes as described below throughout this white paper.

This combined CCM + RPM platform is in clinical trials today. The clinical data for Remote Patient Monitoring has proven to provide an ROI by its ability to detect patient declines (i.e. the detection of declining lung function through spirometry for a COPD patient or the sudden increase in weight of a CHF patient) and intervening before an ER visit or hospitalization is necessary. Also, when used with TCM, RPM has proven to reduce readmissions drastically.

Anelto is a leader in the PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) market with over 100,000 cellular devices deployed to date. In September 2017, Anelto created a new healthcare division, called Anelto Health. This new division began offering telehealth solutions with their new HomeAssure Cellular Hub. It brings unique capabilities to the telehealth market. Most other solutions rely on a tablet or Smart Phone in the patient’s hand or provide only basic reminders or vital sign data signaling. Anelto’s system collects and reports vital sign information and also allows direct communication with the patient through a system dedicated to that purpose. Several studies have shown that direct communication with the patient is key to improving outcomes, as well as, a design to be easy to deploy and easy to use.

Why Anelto RPM

Anelto is prepared to work with CCM providers to add RPM to their platform and expand the interaction and care for their doctor’s patients and add more revenue with the addition of the latest CMS RPM Codes. Because the CCM companies are already set up with 24/7 call centers and nurses to provide CCM, RPM is an easy, smooth, and smart addition to their Platform.

Our redefined RPM by enhancing communication with the patient created a unique closed secure system and made it easy for patients to set up and use the system. This is a much better experience than many tablet and smartphone-based systems that are more difficult to use, require patient training, require updates, require stable WiFi, have no power outages, and are vulnerable to breaches into the patient’s medical records. Our platform has a 3-day battery back up which allows vitals to be taken and communication with the patient to be uninterrupted because of power failure from a storm. Anelto’s telehealth platform allows CCM companies to reach higher billable minutes with the patients, as well as, the ability to reach the 60 min complex billing more frequently because of improved communication and interaction with their patients. With the addition of RPM to CCM, CCM companies can now bill the addition code of 99091 plus the 3 new CPT Codes for RPM in 2019.

We recognize that receiving real-time data and having an app and software to track trends and create alerts for intervention are critical to successful Remote Patient Monitoring. That is why Anelto created an extensive reporting and analysis module.

RPM Physician & Hospital Benefits

However, to drive real patient change with regard to disease and medication management, it has been proven that open communication with the patient is key to that success. Anelto provides that communication with their 2-way cellular HUB and the patient understands that any calls or messages that go through their hub are from their doctor’s medical care team. This allows CCM providers easier access to their CCM patients.

Communication with the patient at critical times drives down costs, improves clinical outcomes, and improves the patient’s health and quality of life by avoiding unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations. Anelto has positioned itself to enter this market as a leader because of its successful history and reputation of developing innovative communication devices and cloud-based data and device management that is well-built, up-gradable, and robust. With its FDA-approved vital sign monitoring devices and HIPAA-compliant system, Anelto maximizes communication between the patient and clinician. Our 2-way communication Hub allows clinicians to send automated voice reminders and wellness calls through its dynamic voice API, Anelto Voice. They may also call the Hub to speak directly to the patient. More importantly, the patient knows that this Hub is a trusted direct line to their doctor and his/her care team. They know that the team is available to them 24/7. The patient, at any time, can push the button to talk to their care team. This simple ability to get to a clinician can prevent many ER visits and Hospitalizations.

Anelto is also developing a remote medication adherence system as an add-on to their HomeAssure system. The system uses unique packaging and weight sensors to confirm that meds have been taken and the patient is being compliant with their drug therapies. Medication adherence is a complex problem with an annual figure of up to $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs attributed to non-adherence. To learn more about RPM or to request a personal demo of our program please call 972-939-9200 or contact us today.