Redefining Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has been utilized for more than two decades, and as this industry continues to grow and evolve, Anelto is ready to respond. We are constantly working to redefine what’s possible with RPM. Our goal is to help seniors thrive by creating better resources for physicians to connect and communicate with their patients. If you think RPM is just video chat or email follow ups, keep reading to learn more about how Anelto’s RPM solutions are redefining what is possible with RPM.

How has Anelto Redefined Remote Patient Monitoring?

Instead of placing the onus for patient engagement on the caregiver, RPM solutions from Anelto create a two-way communication environment where the patient provides information regularly through active participation in their own treatment. The physician can review the information often and reach out when there are concerns. Keeping physicians and seniors connected consistently has many benefits, including:

  • RPM gives patients greater access to care outside of conventional clinical settings
  • Through proactive healthcare monitoring, RPM improves patient health outcomes, reducing ER visits and the length of hospital stays
  • Improve quality of patient care by increasing physician knowledge of patient needs and creating a more effective healthcare environment
  • Prevent physician burnout and increase work capacity by maximizing physician knowledge of patients while reducing time spent on follow up appointments
  • Reduce health concerns for high-risk patients by limiting exposure to other patient illnesses they could come into contact with in clinics and hospitals
  • Better chronic care management to reduce flare ups and exacerbation
  • Increase patient education about their health and empower them to feel more engaged in their treatment plan

Redefining Ease of Setup & Patient Engagement

  • Plug and play 4G cellular communications device integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that enables connectivity to a variety of devices and sensors to ensure comprehensive data collection.
  • High communication reliability. Our RPM systems are never down because of lost Wi-Fi connection, so you’re always in touch with the patient.
  • 3-day battery backup for no worries communication with your patients.
  • Anelto Voice powers secure, voice-first, and conversational bots that improve patient engagement and education while reducing operational costs.
  • A unique 2-way cellular hub with a voice-centric communication medium, helps simplify treatment plans, improve compliance, and increase the benefit for all members of the healthcare ecosystem.

Redefining Connectivity

  • Scalable, cloud based system that enables secure end to end medical device data connectivity.
  • Transmission and integration with key medical FDA approved diagnostic equipment and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based, Electronic Health Records (EHR) portals.
  • Mobile platform that links friends, family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to patients via HomeAssure’s powerful RPM capabilities.
  • Provides a real-time view of the patient for caregivers. Care4Mom brings simplicity and peace of mind to managing care.

Redefining Total Patient Care

  • Anelto wraps a clinical care team around your patients 24/7. Whether you use your company’s call center or one of Anelto’s partners, your patients can rely on us for care whenever they need it.
  • Using powerful analytics tools, Anelto tracks patient engagement; identifies common requests, questions, and commands; and even tracks user response and adherence to protocols along with alerts and outcomes.
  • Anelto Voice can generate and track user surveys, polls, and physician questions.
  • Offers options for integration with Anelto’s Application Programming Interface (API) to access our complete range of redefined RPM applications.

Anelto Provides a Complete Solution

Our Complete Solution For Physicians

  • Monitor patients and anticipate their needs
  • Increase patient’s access to comprehensive care options
  • Intervene in a timely manner to avoid more serious health concerns
  • Limit potential health risks for patients and improve treatment compliance
  • Increase work capacity without diminishing quality of care
  • Add revenue stream by taking advantage of RPM insurance reimbursement

Our Complete Solution For Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Reduce need for ER and hospital visits with proactive care and continued monitoring
  • Limit potential health risks for patients and improve treatment compliance
  • Allow greater access to patient data for better quality of care
  • Improve work capacity for physicians, nurses, staff members, and other caregivers
  • Improve HCAP and MAGNA ratings with disease management and proactive intervention, increasing hospital revenue and reducing costs

Our Complete Solution For Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • Increase CCM capabilities and improve outcomes through hardware logistics
  • Add revenue stream by taking advantage of RPM insurance reimbursement
  • Increase access to patient data and offer clinicians more information about patient’s healthcare needs for better quality of care
  • 2-way RPM console increases billable communication opportunities with direct patient to physician communications.
  • Send clinical questionnaires for billable time toward disease management.

Redefining RPM

Anelto offers an innovative, comprehensive RPM solution built from the ground up for ease of use and improved patient outcomes. RPM has been redefined by Anelto for the benefit of the patient, provider, and hospital. If you’re ready to experience redefined RPM, explore the service options below and contact our team when you’re ready to get started: